WatchMate Vision Comparison

MA500 TR
Collision Avoidance - Determines crossing situations by CPA and TCPA and triggers alarms with prioritization Yes No prioritization
Anchor Watch - Triggers an alarm if your anchor is dragging as well as with changes in anchor due to wind direction, wind speed and water depth Yes No
Safety of Crew - Triggers an alarm if a crew member falls overboard (works with any manufacturer MOB) and provides position information with updates for quick retrieval Yes No
Alarm Management - Dedicated built-in alarms, do not need any other equipment to trigger alarms Yes No
Built-in WiFi – Access anywhere on board. Monitor and control your AIS transponder at all times from your smartphone or tablet Yes No
NMEA 2000 Gateway - Translates NMEA 2000 navigation data and routes it over WiFi to smartphones and tablets, USB to computers or NMEA 2000 or 0183 to radar, chartplotters and other navigation equipment Yes No
Higher resolution GPS – Fast 5HZ update rate for smoother GPS tracking. Yes Slower 1 HZ update rate
GPS source for the entire navigation network Yes No
Upgradable AIS platform – Automatic firmware updates from your smartphone or tablet Yes No
Low power consumption Good, 6W Poor, 8.4W
Display High resolution 5.7" TFT color touch screen Low resolution dot matrix display with function keys for navigation
Built-in GPS antenna with an optional external GPS antenna Yes No built-in antenna, external very large antenna
Intelligent filtering - Filters can be set based on vessel range, speed, CPA and TCPA Yes No
Galvanic isolated USB ports - Protect your transponder and connected equipment (laptops) from high current. Yes No
Fully waterproof IPx7 rating - Can be mounted anywhere Yes Connectors are not waterproof
Bracket or flush mounting included Yes Requires optional flush mount kit

Please Note: This information has been gathered from public sources. To the best of Vesper Marine’s knowledge it was correct at the time of publication (May 2017). We want to keep this up-to-date, so if you see anything missing or incorrect, please let us know so we can update this information.