US Coast Guard AIS Rule Change Details


The final rule change was issued in January 2015. The rule change stipulates compliance is required by March 1, 2016. For further information on the rule, visit the website.

Vessels must install a USCG Type Approved AIS Transponder by March 2016.

Affected vessels

Applies to all self-propelled commercial vessels of 65 feet or more operating within all U.S. Navigable Waters. Certain towing, passenger and dredges are also included.

Individual 5 year extensions are permissible, but only for vessels:

  • That solely operate within a very confined area (eg. shipyard, fleeting area, etc)
  • On short & fixed schedules (eg. bank-to-bank river ferry)
  • Otherwise not likely to encounter other AIS users
Types of Vessel Requiring AISAIS Class Required
Commercial fishing vessels >= 65 feetClass B
Commercial self-propelled vessels >= 65 feet certified to carry < 150 passengersClass B *
Dredges operating outside shipping fairwaysClass B
Towing vessels >= 26 feet and > 600 hpClass A
Vessels moving certain dangerous cargoClass A
Other commercial self-propelled vessels of >= 65 feet not described aboveClass A
* Class A required if subject to pilotage by other than the vessel Master or crew, operating within a VTS, or in excess of 14 knots.

Vesper Marine USCG Type Approved Class B AIS Transponders

WatchMate 850
AIS transponder and display

XB-6000 AIS transponder
is the most advanced
Class B AIS available

XB-8000 AIS transponder
with built-in WiFi and
NMEA 2000 gateway

WatchMate Vision
AIS transponder with built-in
WiFi and touchscreen

WatchMate 850
XB-6000 AIS transponder
XB-8000 AIS transponder
WatchMate Vision
Standalone all-in-one robust and reliable AIS solution with the easiest to use dedicated display. Unique Anchor Watch and direct DSC calling features. Incredibly affordable, yet unparalleled in performance and features. Unique NMEA gateway makes integration with all on-board systems simple. Use a WiFi tablet as your AIS, navigation and instrument display. Seamlessly integrates with MFD's and on-board NMEA networks. Ultimate all-in-one solution with intuitive touchscreen display and use a WiFi tablet as your AIS, navigation and instrument display.