Fixed price repair

Repair and return to the United States and Canada.

Shipping will be calculated based on your delivery address and shown on the checkout page.

For any products which are beyond the warranty period there is a fixed price for all repairs. However, we are not able to repair physical damage or damage caused by external events such as improper wiring, use of non-approved splitters, lightning strikes, etc.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to repair WatchMate 650, 670 or 850 (rev B & D only).

For any repairs, you must obtain a return authorization (RMA) by contacting us at [email protected] prior to shipping to us. We will not accept any product returns without an RMA.

You must ship the product pre-paid to us and we will return it after payment of the repair cost and return shipping. Return shipping is a fixed price based on the delivery location and will be shown on the checkout page after you enter your return address. Return shipping excludes VAT/GST or other taxes or duties, if any, imposed by local authorities. We return all shipments with a copy of the incoming shipment documentation to assist you with clearance, if any, and the value of all returned shipments is the fixed price repair cost.

Your payment currency depends on your return delivery address. We are not able to alter or mix currencies. Payment is required prior to the product being shipped back to you and we accept Mastercard and Visa payments only via our website.

To view the fixed price return shipping cost to your location, add this item to your cart and enter your delivery address on the checkout page.