Product return service

This price includes shipping. Select "Free Shipping" on the checkout page so additional shipping costs will not be added.

As a convenience, Vesper Marine can arrange product return shipping for you. This service helps to expedite the return process and avoid customs delays. You will be given the option when customer support issues you a Return Material Authorization (RMA).

This is a flat-fee for return shipments for warranty or repair service and requires pre-authorization from Vesper Marine customer support. This process is as follows:

  • Place your order for this service on this Vesper Marine website.
  • Shipping documentation is then generated. This is a manual process and does not take place instantaneoulsy upon placement of the order.
  • Vesper Marine will send the required documents and instructions via email. Simply print this info and attach to the shipment.

Do not drop off or send your shipment until you have received these documents from Vesper Marine.

If you ship without these documents we will be forced to cancel and refund this service and you'll be responsible for the shipping directly to the freight company.

The price includes:

  • Export clearance and fees, if applicable
  • Freight to Vesper Marine
  • Insurance in transit
  • In-bound costs at Vesper Marine

Your responsibilities are:

  • Pack the shipment well. Include only the item requiring repair. Do not include cables, manuals, brackets, antennas, etc.
  • Calculate the volumetric weight of the parcel prior to sending and ensure the packaging meets the size requirements:
  • Your package must not exceed 2 kg volumetric weight. The volumetric weight is calculated by the following formula (rounded to the nearest cm) Length[cm] x Width[cm] x Height[cm] / 5000 = Vol. weight in KG .
  • (Imperial measurements) Your package must not exceed 4 lbs, 6 oz volumetric weight. The volumetric weight calculated in inches (rounded up to the nearest whole inch) Length[inch] x Width[inch] x Height[inch] / 166 = Vol. weight in lbs .
  • Only one product per package.

NOTE: The calculated volumetric weight of a parcel often exceeds the actual weight of the package.

It is not possible for us to provide this service from all locations. Please understand if we are not able to provide this service in your location.